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Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation in Flint

Flint Furnace Installation Since 1969

At Adkisson Air1, we understand that selecting a new furnace and the company to install it is something that Flint homeowners don't do in a typical year—or sometimes in a decade or more. It can be confusing. When you call us to get a quote, we're happy to determine the size furnace right for your home, to explain different features and terminology, and make recommendations. Of course, we'd like to be the furnace installation company you choose to work with!

Whether you are replacing a furnace or are building a new home, at Adkisson Air1, we can handle it. We've been serving the Flint area for 55 years and we plan to be here for many more.

Why You want to Choose Your Furnace Installer Carefully

Installing a new furnace in Flint is a sizable expense. Once you choose the equipment you expect to serve you for the next 15 years (or more depending on how it's maintained), don't undermine the value of your investment by not being equally careful in choosing a reputable installer. The quality of an installation is key to the performance of a furnace—and many will tell you, more important!

It's possible to get a furnace that's a lemon, of course, but it's far more likely to get a lemon of an installation. If it's determined that a defect or faulty part with your furnace is to blame, then your manufacturer warranty may protect you. But, if the problem is due to problems with your installation, years may go by before the effects escalate and it wreaks havoc on your system. You may have several repairs and not realize that they are due to how your furnace was installed. Normally, it's not until a homeowner calls in a different contractor that the underlying cause is identified and corrected.

Installation problems and related costly repairs an be avoided by Flint homeowners with some up-front diligence when it comes to choosing a contractor. Note that, whether a new furnace installation or furnace replacement, the company that sells the heating equipment is usually also the company that installs it.

What to Look for When Choosing a Flint-Area Heating Contractor

There are several indicators to look for when deciding who you will entrust with your furnace installation. Visiting a contractor's website can answer some of these questions, but you might also need to make a call.

Things you will want to look for or ask about when evaluating a Flint or Grand Blanc furnace installation company:

  • Licensing: This is a basic qualification in most states for good reason—these systems involve electricity, gas, and combustion. For safety reasons alone, it's not a good idea to use an unlicensed installer.
  • Insurance: If during installation someone gets hurt on your property or something is damaged, who is responsible? Finding out it's you because a contractor isn't properly covered is sure to make a bad day worse.
  • Experience: Experience in the field is invaluable, and what separates the rookies from the pros. A breadth of knowledge about different systems, scenarios, and solutions helps deliver consistently solid results.
  • Referrals: It may seem old-school, but asking family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers who they've used, for how long, and why they like the company is still an excellent way to help narrow down the field.
  • Reviews: Similar to referrals but involving consumers who are likely strangers, reviews can give you a good idea of the general public experience with a contractor, particularly if they have a lot of reviews.
  • Guarantees: Many companies offer guarantees on their workmanship (not the equipment itself) that protect their customers after installation. The length of time and conditions may vary from contractor to contractor.

At Adkisson Air1 Heating and Cooling and Autumn-Glo Fireplace Studio, we welcome such scrutiny. We know furnace installation is a big decision and investment so we try to do all we can to earn and keep our customer's trust. We want you to feel confident and secure when choosing us as your Flint heating contractor. If you have questions about how we do business, give us a call at (810) 695-9300.

Preparing for Furnace Installation with Adkisson Air1

At Adkisson Air1 Heating and Cooling and Autumn-Glo Fireplace Studio, we often have our Flint-area customers ask what to expect on the day their new furnace is to be installed. Being prepared for our arrival both indoors and out can help make for a smooth and easy furnace installation.

For your part, please do the following when our office calls to let you know we're on our way:

  • Move vehicles so that our truck with the new equipment can back up the driveway or otherwise get near the entry nearest the furnace.
  • Consider the path through which the old furnace will go out and the new one will come in. Temporarily remove anything that could possibly be bumped or damaged, including pictures on the wall.
  • Close off your dogs, cats, or any other free-roaming pets so they are not underfoot and our team can remain focused on the task at hand.

For our part, upon arriving, our team will introduce themselves, lay protection on your floors, and then proceed to do a final review of the installation plan and recheck measurements. They will then disconnect your old furnace, carry it out and bring in the new. Your old furnace will go back on the truck and be scrapped and recycled. Once the new furnace is in place with all necessary ductwork, fuel, exhaust, and power connected, the system will be tested for both safety and performance. Any needed adjustments will be made. Our team will show you your installed furnace and go over its operation and maintenance and answer any questions you may have. They will then clean up and leave your home as they found it.

At Adkisson Air1 we understand this won't be a normal day on your homefront. We work hard to minimize disruption and provide a pleasant furnace installation experience. If you have concerns or special needs, don't hesitate to call our office at (810) 695-9300.

Getting the Most from Your New Furnace Installation in Flint

With your new furnace installed, there's comfort knowing you're good to go for a decade at least and, possibly two or more before you'll need a new furnace again. If you have a newborn, that means it could serve you through their graduation from high school, or even college! But, that will only happen with proper furnace maintenance. It's no different than if you expect a car to last— you make sure it gets regular oil changes, filter changes, tune-ups, and inspection for wear and tear. It's a fact of life that mechanical things develop problems, lose efficiency, and will eventually break down without proper care.

To help stay on track with caring for your furnace, Adkisson Air1 has a program to remind you to get scheduled and to provide this service each year. Between visits, the best thing you can do to help your furnace is to check and change your furnace filter. As Flint homeowners ourselves, we know how easy it is to put off or completely forget about furnace maintenance. We are happy to partner with you to keep your home's most expensive appliance working efficiently and to proactively avert problems. Interested in learning more about preventive maintenance? Call us at (810) 695-9300.